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Do you really wanna know me?

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Here in this space you will find out about me, you might not lyk sum of this but, fuck you!

Name: Nicole Elizabeth Parker{ one day will hope fully be Nicole E. Rumore}
Age:13 but i can be whateve for you ;)
Hobbies:Boys,RHPS,SGW,Music,video games,friends,movies,shopping, and acting lyk a retard.
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Naturaully ~ Dirty Blonde, Dyed ~ Black
Height:5'6" (when i stand up straight)
Sport: ummmmm i guess skateboarding
Favorite Instrument:a pink bass w/ a CBGB sticker on it, hehe.
Favorite Band/s:LTJ,GC,SGW,Areosmith,AC/DC,The Doors, Taking Back Sunday, Simple Plan, Pink Floyd, a shit load more but i cant think of.
Favorite song: Songs by my favorite bands.
Grade: 7th