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To everyone I love.....

I have many many many friends, but there are some i hold closer to my heart than others. I'm sorry if you're not one of my more tresured friends.  If you think that we should be closer, than it's your fault  we're not cuz we dont hang out and talk about everything i do with thesem, my closest friends.

 Pumpkin ~ you are my sunshine, my hunnybunz, and my best friend.
Mikey ~ you are funny, sweet, caring, sexy, amazing, and one hell of a perons. I'm so glad i've met you and gotten so close to you.
Mel ~ Thanks for being there to joke around with, yet be serious with.
Emily G. ~ We've known each toher for a long time and we've been threw alot, I'm just glad we're still fiends.
Orlando ~ You can be such a prick and such an ass, but you're still a reat person.
Kelsey ~ We've known each other for a long while too. Thanks for being there for me threw everything.
Susan ~ You are a very kewl and sexy person, mwah i love you so much, I cant wait till we get married, hehe.
Soy Sauce ~ Yo gurlie you rock, can i kiss you, j/k.
Amanda ~ Hey you got my left overs(hilton), hopefully your relationship with him was better than mine.
Pappito ~ I'm sorry we weren't better friends before. You rock though and thank god were friends now though. I'm sorry i cut myself it's just i cant stop, but i will try for you.
PIP ~ I hope you and Chelsea finally figured out who jade loves more, hehe. I love you both very much, MWAH!
Oli ~ I wish i wasnt so confuzed about you. You are very sexy and i lyk you lots but i just wish i knew why you dont want a girlfrend b/c i would sure go out with you ne day, but i still am madly in love with mikey.MWAH! lov ya lots.
Tulip ~ Im sry if i was ever a bitch to you but i luv ya.
Thao ~ Mikey is way way way way way sexier than adam will ever be, but no matter you still rock.
Meggie Poo ~ I love ya lots gurlie, can i grab your but, hehe. We sure have fun at those gothic barbeques with Mallissa. I'm your first bisexual frriend tho, you remember that gurlie, hehe. luv ya lots!
WeeMan~ i love your hair! your realli sexy with make up on. you rock hard not realli sure why we didnt talk alot befor, but we were sure missing alot of fun! oweel, let the good tymes roll now!
Travis~ youre kewl i wish you didnt have to leave this year though. i will miss ur wise cracks and ur sexy as, hehe.