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Magenta and Me

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            Here is your only warning. Magenta, my alter ego, can take over at ne time. i will allow her one page on my site and one page only. sumtymes u may think its me but its magenta. when i tlak about my love its me, thats the only for sure thing. she is a wild and untaimed thing. she loves fucking her brother tho, so shes into incest. this is a fair warning now its up to you, wheter or not to complete your viewing of this page.

 magenta......a domestic. hello there i am magenta rom the planet transylvania in the galaxy of transexual. if you dont kno who i am you're fucked in the head. thank god frank-n-furter is dead. now me and riff raff can have as much elbow sex as we want, hehe. by the way riff raff is my brother. this is not unusual for the planet we come from. i am nikkis alter ego and no matter what she says i will have as much of this website as i want, mwahhahahahahaha!

Whatever magenta said about me is a complete lie. I dont kno what to say about me, but i'm pretty much ur average 13 year old just more moodier and darker. i love m.a.r. hes amazing, but i have this thing with this other dude but no emotions are involved with him at all. umm a lazy bum who thinks johnny depp orlando bloom skater boys and gothic boys are sexy. i am bisexual though so many hot sexy chics lyk susan turn me on.i realli dont kno what else to say so byerz.

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If you really want to know where Magenta comes fom go to you will learn everything about her, riff raff, frank n furter, columbia, slut and asshole. So dont be afraid, she is real.