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I live and thrive for music. Heres one of my all tyme favourite bestest bands i love....

In July 2002, five young boys got together to form one of the youngest rock bands around. Now in 2004, Mikey Rumore, 14; Santino Rumore , 11; Adam Irizarry, 13; Joe Coyle, 12; and Chris Peters, 14; perform live as the band "Squirrels Gone Wild" all over the Tampa Bay area.

Lee Ahlin,  a respected musician, composer and performing-arts teacher in the Tampa/St. Pete area serves as the band's musical director and mentor.  Paragon Music Center in Tampa serves as the home base and sponsor for the group.  The boys remain dedicated to bringing their best to the stage.

Playing the classic rock of the Beatles and Doors but mixing it up with the newer rock songs of today, makes this band a crowd pleaser for all ages.  Dont be fooled by their young ages. These boys can rock!

In the past year alone they have performed at events all over Tampa Bay including Guavaween, Baywalk's Birthday Bash, St. Pete Times Forum,  Taste of New Tampa and Magical Night of Giving, just to name a few.  The boys all participate in lead and back-up vocals and most of the boys play several instruments.  Now in 2004, the Squirrels are proud to say they are performing some of their own original music as well... a goal they have strived for since their start just a short one and a half years ago.  Stay tuned .... The guy i love play a pink bass in that band. I also love well known bands lyk Good Charlotte, Less than jake, the doors, pink floyd, taking back sunday, slipknot, and so on.

Now, besides my local band i do love other bands. The number one group for me is either taking back sunday, maroon 5, or good charlotte. so then people ask you whats ur favourite song i dont know, i love alot of songs by my favorite bands. i mean i cant choose between this love by maroon 5 and people are strange by the doors. they both rock and they both are different in their own way. then i love going to concerts. im going to my first warped tour this year, woot woot. and i love going to sgw gigs, they kick ass!


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