depression from love


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abcdefg gummies bears are chasing me, one is yellow one is blue, a red one has stolen my shoe.

I'm just so sick of everything nd almost everyone that im gunna need to talk to myself.

First breakdown ~
 why do i care so much? BECAUSE YOURE A MENTAL CASE. why the fuck do you do this to me!? i'm already on such a low pedistol and you love to put me even lower than i am. ISNT THAT WHY IM HERE! TO MAKE YOU FEEL SHITIER THAN YOU ARE! MWAHHAHAHAHAH YOU DONT DESERVE THE LOVE YOU WANT! you dont kno anything about love, you fuck your brother! WELL ATLEAST I HAVE SUMONE! ALL YOU CAN GET IS PUNY SIXTH GRADERZ ! THEY SEEM TO BE LYK LITTLE CHAUAUIAS THAT HUMP YOUR LEG! plz dont say chauauia you kno he has one.....OH GET OVER IT YOU FUCKING LOZER! no i never will, he fills my head the the god damn tyme! i cant take this frum you, or these chics that are total strangers! YOULL NEVER HAVE HIM, STALKER STALKER STALKER! that was you who wrote the response to my journal! NO But I Do AGREE WITH THEM! you used to be so well behaved the the fuck happend! WOULDNT YOU LOOOOOOOVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEND! go away just leave!? IF I LEAVE YOULL GO WITH ME! nononononono !!!!!!